With more than 34 years of experience developing billing software systems, MBS has developed a multi-purpose medical billing application, DefinitionSmart™ 

DefinitionSmart™, by design, supports many industries with a single product platform that we have developed over 10 years and continue to improve upon. Through use of a powerful configuration layer, DefinitionSmart™ core software by nature is modular, allowing for customization for various specialties and industries. 

Regardless of workflow or automation needsDefinitionSmart™ benefits all users by enabling our development, support, and implementation resources to focus on common solutions in synergy.  

Offering the industry’s broadest range of user-configurable functionality and based on our commitment to open standardsDefinitionSmart™ provides the best solution to your current and future computing environment by being readily adaptable to your changing business needs. Our unique software enhancement program provides continuous added value by allowing our customers to easily upgrade to new release versions without reconfiguration, adding new product features and functional modules.