Metropolitan Business Solutions Is Here To Help You With: 

Insurance Follow-up: Our staff of professionals optimize your insurance follow-up process and obtain timely results. A true extension of your business office. 
Medical Debt Collection: MBS gets results through proven, respectful medical debt collection methods while minimizing patient complaints. 
Cash Acceleration & Receivable Management Services: When you outsource receivables management to MBS, our staff becomes an extension of your own business office at a fraction of the cost. 
Revenue Cycle Consulting: Our revenue cycle experts can help you optimize cash flow and efficiency while reducing your expenses. 
Products and services: Medical financial management services from MBS help your organization run more smoothly, so you can collect revenue faster. 

 We have cultivated the expertise to bill and create claims that positively affect your bottom line with MBS’ knowledge of multi-specialized billing including; 






DefinitionSmart makes use of the data bank a laboratory produces to create claims, while BioData Logistics Enterprise Laboratory Platform manages all this data to adhere to compliance and insurance specific regulations, making it an all-in-one service option for free standing laboratories and POLS 

MBS guarantees an increase in collections with DefintionSmart by featuring: 

  1. A powerful HL7 bi-directional interface that seamlessly sends and receives billing information between your LIMS¹ and DefinitionSmart 
  2. LIMS and ELN functioning as a single integrated solution 
  3. Transparent interface to laboratory information systems that have been developed in conjunction with a large LIMS vendor. Both systems work together to help keep all records updated and correct within DefinitionSmart

DefinitionSmart in collaboration with BioData Logistics encompasses all of the traditional LIMS and ELN concepts and extends them even further by adding complementary capabilities and technologies with complete and seamless integration. 


  1. Laboratory Information Management System 
  2. Electronic Laboratory Notebook 

Biodata Logistics Enterprise Laboratory Platform Promotes Success

Comprised of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) functioning as an integrated single solution, it offers the industry’s broadest range of user-configurable functionality and is based on open standards. This provides the best solution to current requirements and also enables the system to be readily adapted as your business needs change. Our commitment to open standards also means that the Definition Smart solution will be compatible with your existing computing environment and that you can be confident it will adapt to the future. Definition Smart customers easily upgrade to new release versions and implement new computing technology without reconfiguration. Our unique software enhancement program provides continuous added value in the form of new product features and functional modules. Biodata Logistics Enterprise Laboratory Platform encompasses all of the traditional LIMS and ELN concepts and extends them even further by adding complementary capabilities and technologies. Most importantly, it does so with complete and seamless integration.

Laboratory Billing Software Platform Promotes Success

MBS by commissioning BDL, Inc. has developed medical billing software specifically for laboratories. We guarantee an increase in collections when you install our Laboratory Billing Software solution. With more than 34 years experience developing Laboratory Billing Software systems, BDL has developed its Laboratory Billing Software with the following features: We have a powerful HL7 bi-directional interface that seamlessly sends and receives billing information between your LIMS and our Definition Smart linked Laboratory Billing Software. Transparent interface to Laboratory Information System developed in conjunction with a large LIMS vendor. Both systems working together help keep all records updated and correct within our Laboratory Billing Software.


What does it resolve?

Metropolitan Business Solutions (MBS), takes the complexity out of UDT for POL billing and collections making it simple and safe. Definition Smart interacts with the functions of your office and POL, in your daily activities. Definition Smart creates clean claims to insurances. It is swift (Fast, efficient, time saver, resource saver, claim saver) and is unmatched in relation to the regular/ common/ more established/other regular medical billing.
Definition Smart Supports many Industries with a Single Product Platform over the past 10 years, Definition Smart has delivered powerful POL lab automation solutions to a diverse set of customers representing many different needs and specialties. The modular design and flexibility of Definition Smart enables all of our customers, regardless of specialty industry or application, to implement the same core software. The powerful configuration layer in our product allows our single common code base to be applied to a very wide range of industries, each of which has its own special workflow and automation requirements. Definition Smart’s single core product strategy, benefits every Definition Smart customer because it enables all of our development, support and implementation resources to focus on a common solution. The Definition Smart technical architecture facilitates easy upgrades and functionality enhancements, so our customers are always current and remain well supported.

Definition Smart’s Purpose Built Industry Template Solutions In Definition Smart’s products, all configured behaviors reside in the database in the form of Templates, and MBS using Definition Smart has taken the initiative to pre-configure Template Solutions to suit the requirements of specific industries. Definition Smart’s Template Solutions leverage our experience with implementing Definition Smart LIMS and ELN into many different industries and are available through the Definition Smart consulting services group. Template Solutions are now available for the following domains: Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Testing, Contract Labs, Forensics, Chemical/Petrochemical Process, Public Health, Clinical Research, Bioanalysis DMPK, Food, and Biobank.

Each Template Solution provides a best practices model for automating many of the more complex workflows that we routinely encounter when implementing Definition Smart LIMS, and their use has the effect of reducing the overall duration and cost of your project. Template Solutions are a powerful implementation aid and a key differentiator, and we are continually expanding our Template offerings in order to provide our customers the best possible return on their LabWare software investment.

PGx & CGx Testing

Pharmacogenetic (or PGx for short) testing is a type of genetic test that assesses a patient’s risk of an adverse response or likelihood to respond to a given drug, informing drug selection and dosing. As a pillar of the personalized medicine movement, PGx testing is anticipated to be important across all medical specialties, but particularly in primary care, where the majority of all drug prescriptions are written.

Like PGx, cancer-genetic testing (or CGx for short) is also a type of genetic test. However, rather than assess risks with prescribed drugs, CGx tests for and estimates a patients likelihood of developing cancer within their lifetime. This is done by looking at specific genes, chromosomes, and even proteins.

MBS is currently navigating these fields with great results and hope to offer billing services for these procedures soon!