Smart Discover

Your New Data Discovery Solution

Collecting patient demographic and insurance information is a task known for its inaccuracy, tediousness, and poor use of time.

MBS is proud to partner with Wave HDC, a service for finding the most accurate and up-to-date patient information, even with partial searches, and uses that information to create and send out clean claims to Insurance companies.

Aiming to reduce the amount of time spent looking for and collecting patient information, Smart Discover makes use of unique searching methods and databases to deliver fast results while reducing errors typically found in other searching mechanisms.

Smart Discover leverages this search and find functionality and can create claims for payer acceptance all the way through to payment.


Smart Discover finds and uses the most recent and reliable patient information it can find, and sees a 98% success rate in data curation, data validation, and checking patient eligibility.


Any Provider and Platform

No matter if you are a primary care physician or a nationwide laboratory, Smart Discover is a boon for any provider type and can work with your existing EMR and/or laboratory ordering system.


Better Patient Relationships

With your patient information needs taken care of by Smart Discover, your practice is freed up to cultivate better relationships with your patients without worry of inaccurate or incorrect patient intake forms.

Smart Discover

Smart Discover is a subscription-based service made to be convenient for you and your business.

A free trial is available for a limited time.

Free Trial

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Pay-per Search

This option will allow you to request searches at an a la carte rate. Perfect for smaller businesses.
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This option will set your business up with a monthly subscription to DefinitionFind.
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