Metropolitan Business Solutions (MBS) is your trusted partner in Business Management.

MBS specializes in:

  • Simplifying your business processes.
  • Keeping a laser-sharp focus on delivering value added services.
  • Providing innovative, customer-centric management services solutions to the healthcare industry with particular emphasis on medical groups and laboratories.
  • Having professionals that have been in the healthcare industry for three decades, and have along the way developed in-depth business knowledge and insight.
  • Leverage this insight to make your complex business processes easy, efficient, and effective.
  • Being preemptive with a diverse array of resources, which we use to tap into our talent pools and ensure client proximity, deep market and healthcare expertise, and superior communication.

At Metropolitan Business Solutions, we move the needle from being not only an outsourcing company but also a trusted business partner – by keeping our focus on delivering added value. Our emphasis is on improving patient experience, simplifying business processes, increasing productivity, and creating a positive revenue impact.


Metropolitan Business Solutions (MBS) is a medical billing company that has become a solutions service company to laboratories, hospitals, and doctor groups. The need for better solutions developed our passion to find better ways of overcoming obstacles to create stepping stones to the future. Many of our clients needed to communicate and exchange data with national laboratories, requiring interfaces of all kinds, a process we handled with success. MBS has positioned itself as a reliable go-to source. After working directly with a well-known specialty laboratory, MBS was commissioned to design a sophisticated work module to manage the process of harvesting, cultivating, growing multiplying stem cells from Adipose (body fat). This highly complex process required software to meet FDA standards.

MBS has created software taking out the guesswork for laboratories, POLs, and testing equipment. We have made this possible through our acquisition of Biodata Logistics to design and develop this software that is revolutionizing the laboratory industry, from laboratory manufactures to end users.

Ueli P. Laeng, CEO

Before devoting his work full time to MBS, Ueli P. Laeng served as CEO in several companies he founded previously. After completing his education in Engineering for Industrial Robotics In Switzerland, he arrived to the USA in 1974. Laeng applied his skills in a few different industries and gained valuable business experience while also earning several US patents throughout. He founded Armanti Financial Services Inc., a healthcare financial management corporation in 1992 specializing in hospital and government contracting services. His expertise and interests in special healthcare contract relations combined with the latest in technology, allowed Mr. Laeng to form Metropolitan Business Solutions Inc. (MBS), successfully providing much needed healthcare financial services to individual and small groups of medical professionals. Today, MBS is a premier business service provider of laboratory and medical practice automation and claims management specializing in medical lab technology design services. Utilizing intelligent technology and experienced claims management professionals, MBS is one of the most powerful medical group automation and management consulting firms today.